Posted by Brad Kort on Jan 07 2020 16:37

Web 2 Market is pleased to announce our next generation of hosting environment.  By moving to the Midwest’s leading data center, we increase security and availability for your website.  Our new Scale Computing servers provide near 100% uptime, better performance and lower our costs so we can provide better service.  We’ll be in touch soon about when your site will move.

Details are below.  Let us know what you’d like to know more about.


Scale servers brings together virtualization, servers, storage, and backup/disaster recovery into a single solution. All of the components are built together into the solution, including the hypervisor, without the need for any third party components or licensing. Every component has been designed for a highly available, self-healing, highly efficient virtualization infrastructure that is easy to manage locally or remotely


  •          New components added within minutes for rapid growth
  •          Cloud performance a lower cost


  •          No single component failure will compromise the system
  •          Parts replaced without interrupting processes
  •          Software updates performed without interrupting processes
  •          Near 100% uptime


  •          Integrated components greatly shorten the connection time between components
  •          Loads easily shared among components
  •          All SSD drives




  •          Minimum N+1 redundancy
  •          4 diverse, 34.5kV power feeds
  •          33 1,300kW rotary UPS systems
  •          33 2,250kW diesel-powered generators
  •          200,000 gallon fuel reserve
  •          36.4MW critical load
  •          Solid-state static transfer switches (STSs)
  •          Branch Circuit Monitoring System (BCMS)
  •          High power density safely accommodates more gear in less space


  •          N+2 redundancy
  •          300+ 40-ton Computer Room Air Handler (CRAH) units
  •          1,000,000 gallon chilled water reserve
  •          Evaporative chilled water plants CONNECTIVITY
  •          IPv6- and MPLS-enabled 10-GbE private global IP network
  •          Low-latency peering with top traffic destinations
  •          Three diverse fiber paths to facility
  •          Diverse transit if fiber goes down


  •          24/7 security staff
  •          Visitor screening
  •          CCTV video surveillance 24/7
  •          Dual-factor authentication via biometric and proximity scanners
  •          Mantrap FIRE SUPPRESSION
  •          Smoke detectors under raised floor, on ceiling
  •          Laser-based Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA) system