Posted by Brad Kort on Jun 07 2019 10:20

In the last few weeks, we have seen a growing trend across all Magento and AbleCommerce sites. Hackers are focusing attacks on admin pages. Even when the sites have a unique admin URL, malicious attackers are eventually figuring these out. Once they know the admin URL they are then attempting to break through by using a brute force method to guess the passwords. Thankfully there have been no breaches at W2M recently, but sites at other hosts have not been so lucky.

These days, a username and password are not enough to protect your data. We strongly urge you to consider implementing a 2-factor authentication method for the admin section of your site. You may already be familiar with 2-factor authentication as all online banking and social media outlets have been doing this for years. After you enter your username and password, you must authenticate yourself with a code sent by text or email.

If you're using AbleCommerce, our plugin can be found here:

Here are 2 Magento extensions that we can install on your site for you.

Magento 2

Magento 1

If you wish to have one these plugins/extensions installed, please contact either Dan Voss or Brad Kort to make the arrangements.

Security is important to us and we take these threats seriously. Please be aware that choosing to do nothing can result in your site being compromised and the theft of customer data.

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