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Posted by Brad Kort on Jun 06 2017 14:08

The TLS encryption (often referred to as SSL, an older technology) is critical to eCommerce sites.  It scrambles the data between browser and server so hackers can’t easily steal and use it.  However, running your whole website under TLS provides several other benefits that are growing in importance.  We strongly recommend you prepare to have your whole site running under TLS/SSL in the next 3 months.  Your site will be more secure, load faster, have improved SEO and provide a better user experience.

What is TLS Encryption?

Transport Layer Security (TLS) is a protocol that provides privacy, security and data integrity between two internet applications.  For example, between a browser and a web server.  It’s the most widely deployed security protocol in use.  Other applications that use TLS include email, file transfers (SFTP), VPNs, instant messaging and VOIP.

How is my Site More Secure?

By using TLS encryption on every page, ALL data is securely transmitting.  Many sites have forms sending unencrypted data.  Often times, that’s not a big deal if it’s not credit card data.  However, even less sensitive data could be helpful to a hacker or competitor.  For example, more...