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Posted by Rose Pilny on Jan 13 2016 13:14

For AbleCommerce Customers – an email sent to all hosted customers on 1/13/16 regarding USPS Rate & Service Changes Effective 1/17/16.


As you may already know,  on January 18th   2016, USPS will update their rates and services. What this means for you

depends on what release/build of AbleCommerce you are running on. Below please find a breakdown.


For AC Gold –

AbleCommerce has released a patch that needs to be applied to your site on Monday, Jan. 18th. As part of your hosting services that Web 2 Market provides, we will patch your site

as quickly as we can that morning.


AbleCommerce has informed us that the following changes will affect AC Gold websites:

  •         Priority Mail Express Flat Rate Box service has been discontinued.  Please check your website and if you have this service enabled, please deactivate it before Monday.
  •         The service called USPS Standard Post is changing its name to USPS Retail Ground.



For All sites running 7.0.X –

AbleCommerce will not be releasing a patch for your website. So we are unsure if USPS will continue to work on your website or not beyond Monday, January 18th.  We highly recommend that

you check your shipping methods and make sure that you have an alternate shipping carrier and/or shipping service enabled that will work on Monday in case USPS stops working all together.  We suspect that as of Monday,

USPS Standard Post will stop working along with the discontinued service Priority Mail Express Flat Rate Box service.  If you need assistance with setting up a new shipping carrier or shipping methods, please enter a helpdesk ticket in our helpdesk.


Thank you in advance for checking on your shipping methods as soon as you can to ensure shipping methods will work on Monday for your website.

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