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Email list bad signup message
Posted by Judy Estep on Nov 27 2013 05:28

This has happened on 2 R6 sites. They had the email list subscription confirmation message to "Use Default Signup Message" and there is an Able bug with that. The content of the confirmation email is in Able's source code and it is the following. The email list needs to be set to use one of the other email templates in the admin.

You are receiving this message because you (or someone pretending to be you) has asked to receive messages from the list Product Offers and Specials. To activate your subscription, you MUST click the link below to verify your request.\r\n\r\n

Comments (2)
Judy Estep
Nov 27 2013 05:40
Signup with verification didn't work either, so I had to switch the sites to signup with notification only.
Judy Estep
Dec 20 2013 11:55
There is a newer topic here - I couldn't figure out how to delete this one.