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New Features in AbleCommerce Gold
Posted by Ruthann Kort on Oct 23 2013 22:16

AbleCommerce Gold Features

This next generation of AbleCommerce is golden...with a sparkling new merchant administration and features to improve efficiency and workflow.  We've provided merchants better website editing features, so you can customize nearly every page in your store and easily create new ones.  Now you will be able to make your own style and color changes with the new Theme Designer. We're encouraging stylists to create AbleCommerce themes and send us samples for our new Theme Gallery.  With the Theme importer, you'll be able to import and export themes for use in any AbleCommerce Gold installation.

In this release, the biggest change is one that you may not see right away.  We've upgraded our core CommerceBuilder API so it will support current development technologies, and our web scripts now use WAP for faster startup times.  Developers should find customization and upgrades much easier with our new API which undergoes hundreds of automated tests with every change.

Able Solutions, the original makers of AbleCommerce software since 1994, are still here today, and we are ready to provide you with the software, technical and development support you need.  We're ready to take your feature requests, provide frequent scheduled releases, and share with you our road map for the future.  With pricing starting at $1295, AbleCommerce Gold is a smart choice for any large or small ecommerce project.

New Features

Available in AbleCommerce Gold (R6) build 6169

  • Store and Product membership options

  • Improvements to reports with a new export data feature

  • 18 new sample themes from a Book store to a Wedding store.

  • Ability to search orders by product name or SKU

Available in AbleCommerce Gold (R5) build 5731

  • SEO Improvements including custom Page Titles, Meta Keyword and Description, Rich Snippets.

  • Google Feed improvements including the 2013 Spring update and support for product Variants and Options.

  • More Data Exchange features including WorldShip® and the ability to import and export product Variants/Options.

Available in AbleCommerce Gold (R4) build 5410

Data Exchange features with Order Export, Product Export and Import

Available in AbleCommerce Gold (R3) build 5078

Address Verification Services through USPS shipping   

Amazon Payments - Increase shopper confidence with Amazon Payments or an Amazon Checkout option.

Available in AbleCommerce Gold (R2) build 4487

Mobile Store Templates - Offer users a version of your store that they can use on their mobile device.  

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What's New for the merchant...

  • Improved HTML - no table layouts, CSS friendly, and retail scripts are w3c valid

  • Much faster product searches without requiring SQL Server Full Text Services

  • All new store themes and choice of 3 new merchant admin themes.

  • Reorganized admin with easier access to important management tasks

  • Updated user account management with tabbed interface

  • Improved image gallery for product browsing

  • Redesigned checkout experience

  • Merchants can now process refunds of gift certificates

  • Easier entry of meta keywords and descriptions for products and other web content

  • New tabbed interfaces for order and product management

  • Capture payments from the main order screen

  • All new features for managing website content.

  • Import and export store themes

  • Make changes to your store theme with the new CSS editor

  • Customize your page layouts with the new layout manager

  • Orders can now be deleted by superuser admins

  • Valid payment is now required for an order to be submitted

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