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FAQ about Cookies & Tracking on AbleCommerce Gold Sites for compliance with EU GDPR
Posted by George Jaros on Jun 01 2018 10:46

1. What do these two cookies track for our AbleCommerce Gold website?

Neither of these cookies hold any personally identifiable information.  They contain information about your shopping session and whether you are logged into an account or not.  Both are required for the shopping site to function properly.  ASPXANONYMOUS is only used until you log into an account, then a third cookie, called ACGOLD.ASPXAUTH is created that indicates the visitor is logged into an account.

2. How long is data held from these two cookies?

Data from these cookies is not held by the merchant, it is information on the customer's computer used to link an individual device to a shopping session.  These cookies expire when the user's session expires, which can be set to anywhere from minutes to hours or even days.  W2M recommends that sessions be set to expire in 15-120 minutes (the default is 15 minutes).  Longer times will allow anonymous visitors to remain idle on the site (e.g. while reading content, or to leave and return later) without losing their basket contents and shopping session history and logged in visitors to remain logged in longer without getting logged out automatically.

Can the data be purged without creating a problem for our website?

Purging the data will not affect the website, but it will affect the customer's shopping experience.  They will not be able to add items to their shopping cart if these cookies are deleted.  Customers are able to safely delete these cookies from their browsers after they are finished using your site if they choose to.

3. Can these cookies be disabled?
What are the ramifications of disabling them?
How long will this take?

Disabling these cookies is not recommended since it will also disable critical features like the shopping cart and access to account pages.  It may be possible to move this critical session information into custom database tables, or through URL session tracking, however this will slow your site and may require a significant number of development hours to customize and test fully.  These methods do come with other risks and concerns, however and they are not recommended and not officially supported by AbleCommerce.

4. If these two cookies are necessary, can Web2Market create a pop-up for customers to give prior consent for us to use those cookies? How long would this take?

Yes, we can add a popup requiring consent to use these cookies in 2-4 hours of development time.  You can contact Web 2 Market to proceed with this customization if you like.  Alternately, you can add content to your site's privacy policy explaining these cookies since they do not contain any personally identifiable information and are not visible/accessible by the merchant.

5. Are we able to purge the online data of inactive customers after a certain time-frame?

Your site already has maintenance routines to remove anonymous visitor information after a specified number of days.  You can view these settings in Admin > Configure > Store > Maintenance.  Customer information cannot be purged by default, however we can build a custom interface to purge inactive customer information.  You can contact Web 2 Market for a quote based on your requirements.  It is not recommended to remove all customer information though, because some information may be tied to past orders that could be required for financial reporting purposes.  Web 2 Market can help you determine what information is safe to purge and what information should be retained while still retaining your customers' privacy.

6. Does AC Gold run/use Google AdSense, Google Analytics or similar 3rd party services?

AbleCommerce does not use these services by default, however it can be set up to use these and other services.  AbleCommerce comes with built-in support for Google Analytics, however it must be activated by the merchant.  You can see if your site is set up to use Google Analytics at Admin > Configure > Store > Tracking.  You can also see some other settings, like how long user activity within AbleCommerce is stored.  AbleCommerce can also be customized to use other third party analytics/tracking services, but these integrations are not standard functionality and require custom coding.  If you are unsure if your site has been customized to use any third party services you can contact Web 2 Market and we can check for you.

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