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Local dev site use file system as smtp server
Posted by Judy Estep on Oct 02 2014 07:05

I got tired of not being able to test emails on a local test site, so I went digging through the web for an article I had read in the past. You can save your email to the file system with an entry in the web.config file. I created a folder in my website called SMTPEmail, then added the entry in bold to the web.config file. I'm going to have one for each solution where I need it instead of having a central location for all. This entry causes .eml files to be saved and if you double click the file, it will open in your default email program, like Outlook. There are other utilities that can do that, but this was easy for me because I didn't have to install anything.

<httpWebRequest useUnsafeHeaderParsing="true"/>
<smtp deliveryMethod="SpecifiedPickupDirectory">
<specifiedPickupDirectory pickupDirectoryLocation="E:\AbleGoldB7345Test8WAP\Website\SMTPEmail" />

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