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Email Admin Panel Tutorial
Posted by Jonathan Duca on Sep 17 2014 15:30

To login to the admin panel, go to and enter the Username and Password of the administrator for your domain.  When entering the username, only use the username and not the part of your email address.  See example below.



To add a new user, select the New User button or selecting the second icon on the top left. To edit an existing user, click on the email address to modify account information.






You will only need to edit settings in the User and Mail to personalize email accounts. When creating a password, choose a strong password combination with at least 1 symbol, 1 number, and one uppercase letter.


The User tab can control the Alias, Username, and Password of the email account. An alias is used when you want multiple email addresses to point to your same mailbox. For example, you can setup a billing and accounting email as the same email by typing billing;accounting in the Alias field (separated by semi-colons)




The Mail tab controls forwarding and autoresponder settings. You can configure mail to forward to a different email or copy incoming and outgoing mail to another account. Autoresponders can also be modified on the Mail tab as well as the User’s regular webmail settings.




Additionally, you can create rules for your domain and users to implement receiving rules for messages with a specific keywords and attributes.  These rules are similar to the rules established in Outlook. For more information on Rules and other settings, consult the Help section by clicking on the blue word bubble within the admin panel. 




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