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Posted by Dan Voss on Nov 07 2013 14:51

Our servers are dedicated to our clients, which insures that visitors to your site will receive a rapid response from the server, even at peak times.

All of our hosting plans include the following services:

  • PCI-DSS SAQ D Compliant Hosting Facility –  Secure Hosting Facility, including enhanced camera-recorded security at all office and server room access points; Separate data servers with multiple firewall protection from web servers; see for more compliance requirements.
  • Data Protection – includes:
    • Daily Backups;  Weekly Backups to a secure offsite facility
    • ECARO Gas (not water) Fire Suppression System – No CFCs; Environ. Friendly
  • 24x7x365 Emergency System & Support
    • UPS on all servers; Redundant 60kw Natural Gas Generator
    • Expert Magento developers available at any time if any issue is preventing your site from taking orders.
  • Magento Administrative Support - All our hosting plans include access to support on Magento administration questions.
  • 99.9% Web site Up Time – to be sure your Web site is up and taking orders we have:
    • Multiple Network Access Points – use multiple service providers, including: Level3, DLS, and Comcast. If one service provider goes down, we use the other two.
    • PowerLink Load Balancer w/ Redundancy & Automatic Failover – constantly monitors web traffic to provide your site with the fastest network point and best performance 
  • Your Own Team - Work with people who know your business, your people and your site. Deal with the same people each time. No calls to someone who doesn't know what a basket is.
  • W2M’s Server Room is Going Green – we have almost completed our conversion to hardware that is 80% more efficient, less heat, less electricity, better performance, less breakage.  This includes:
    • Green MotherboardsMore Energy-Efficient
    • Green Power Supplies – Less Electricity
    • Solid State Drives – Less Heat, Faster/Better Performance, No Moving Parts
  • A Single Point of Contact - Have a question or issue to address? No finger pointing here!
  • Work with THE MAGENTO EXPERTS - With over 50 years combined experience working with Ecommerce, we can help quickly.
  • Access to Custom Services - W2M hosted clients can use services like Email Marketing and Site Map Submission Services. These are only available within the Web 2 Market hosted clients.
  • Fully Managed Server Environment - We manage security with software updates, firewalls, anti-virus software, intrusion detection and more. No need to worry if you've missed a security update.
  • IT Hosting. No Worries - Unlike collocation hosting and other low-end hosting providers, Web 2 Market immediately reduces the strain on your IT people by taking on the day-to-day burdens of constantly and fully managing a web environment.

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