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Magento Import / Export
Posted by John Schoenberg on May 23 2014 08:58

Some of the SMTP sites have a large catalog and therefore take extra long for a Magento import or export. There are four reasons that I have found for an import/export to fail.

1) John Strzempa’ s Bug Fixes have not been applied. Make sure that you update the SVN before getting these files.

2) The PHP memory_limit value is too low. There should be a specific error for this in the Apache error file.

3) The MySQL value for max_allowed_packet is too low. I was getting the specific error of “No valid data sent” I changed the MySql value from the default 1M to 100 M by adding this below to the Mysql.ini file in the [mysqld] section



Remember to restart Mysql. You can check your changes by running this command in the Mysql command line:

SHOW VARIABLES LIKE ‘max_allowed_packet’;


4) The PHP value user_ini.cache_ttl is too low. If the site is timing out exactly at 5 minutes then it most likely is this value. Try raising it up and restart apache.


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