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iPhone NEW Mail1 Settings
Posted by Jonathan Duca on May 20 2014 09:35


In the Settings menu, select the option Mail, Contacts, Calendars. At this menu select Add Account.


At the Add Account menu, select the Other option.



At the Other menu, select Add Mail Account.


Enter in your POP mail information similar to below.  Enter your Name how you'd like it to appear on outgoing messages and a description for the account in your phone.  Selecting Next will verify the account settings of your email address with the mail server. 


This may take a while to verify and can sometimes lock up.  If this happens, I recommend turning off Wi-Fi and try to connect via mobile network data.  Apple also suggests to reset Network settings on your phone to stop this from happening, however this will clear all of your exisiting saved Wi-Fi networks and passwords in the process. 



If everything verifies correctly, you are all set and can exit.  The menus below show the proper Incoming (POP) and Outgoing (SMTP) mail settings.


 Incoming POP Settings


  Outgoing SMTP Settings





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